More insulation than ever!Without the additionof thermal coats.

A complete construction system for all needs, from civil dwellings to industrial structures.

GASBETON® is an innovative construction system that achieves levels of excellence for truly sustainable building, offering excellent performance in both winter and summer months for the creation of external nzeb walls and passive buildings.
Lightweight and resistant, it is the ideal block for works on existing buildings and on upper storeys. Choose your trusted company, and we will be there to support it with technical assistance.

Why choose GASBETON®?

Acoustic insulation
Thermal insulation
Fire Resistant
Thermal inertia

A complete construction system

GASBETON® ACTIVE infill blocks, thicknesses from 5 to 50 cm U up to 0.14 W/m2K
GASBETON® ENERGY infill blocks, thicknesses from 10 to 40 cm U up to 0.16 W/m2K
GASBETON® EVOLUTION infill blocks for curtain walls, fire resistant up to EI 240
IDRO blocks for the correction of thermal bridges at the base of the traditional masonry and for cutting ascending moisture
GASBETON® SYSMIC blocks with a load-bearing capacity of more than 50 kg/cm2 specifically designed for load-bearing walls in seismic zones.
GASBETON® hollow blocks for vertical stiffening
GASBETON® grooved blocks for reinforced concrete vaults made in situ
GASBETON® prefabricated reinforced concrete lintels for vaults
Exclusive 2-in-1 Bondskim, with dual function as glue and skim coat for GASBETON® masonry
Finishing cycle with GASBETON® plasters and skim coats

Do you need assistance?

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