Construction which combines savings, health and sustainability.

Who we are

The company EKORU®, with its operational headquarters in Volla (NA), is located on a site of over 56,000 square metres, where it produces aerated autoclaved concrete blocks called GASBETON®. The company BACCHI spa distributes the product exclusively and at a nation-wide level.
GASBETON® is a symbol of construction that looks to the future, leaving our children with buildings that combine savings, health and sustainability. Manufactured for the first time by the architect Johan Axel Eriksson in 1923, aerated autoclaved concrete has become a construction system that is highly valued for its ease of use and excellent insulation capacity.

Today the ever more attentive market demands environmentally friendly materials that contribute towards reduced energy consumption, without burdening the environment. GASBETON® is the right response to this need.
Proposing eco-sustainable construction systems that can reduce building energy consumption is the commitment inspiring BACCHI spa and EKORU srl to provide a concrete response for living quality and environmental conservation. GASBETON® is an aerated autoclaved concrete with excellent thermal insulation and low environmental impact.

This material’s production system is the optimal response for the implementation of European Union policies on energy and the environment.

The EKORU philosophy

Koru is the spiral shape of the natural profile of the silver fern, a plant which symbolises new life, growth and strength in the Maori culture of New Zealand. The circular shape of the Koru conveys the idea of perpetual movement, whereas the internal spiral suggests a return to the point of origin. This is the philosophy underpinning the development of the company EKORU®, producer of the GASBETON® construction system since 2014. Its mission is to contribute towards revitalising the construction market by means of innovative, environmentally-friendly products, suitable for low energy consumption buildings and for guaranteeing the best possible living well-being.

Respect for the environment

Respect for the environment GASBETON® is a highly environmentally sustainable construction material because:

  • It is produced at the EKORU® plant in a low energy consumption chain, without the release of harmful emissions into the atmosphere and without liquid or solid waste.
  • Its light weight reduces pollution during transport.
  • Thermal insulation reduces consumption.
  • It is 100% recyclable upon demolition.
  • The low density of the material enables the reduced consumption of raw materials for its production.

Research and development

Research and development our Research and Development Centre develops innovative products and elaborates projects for the introduction of eco-compatible solutions and methodologies. Remarkable commitment and significant investments made over the last few years have enabled us to achieve one of our most ambitious goals: a maximum quality guarantee. The “Integrated Management” system verifies compliance with laws and regulations in force. The Certifying Body rigorously controls correct company management that is environmentally friendly and protects the health and safety of company workers.

Made in Italy, guaranteed and certified.

Choosing the GASBETON® construction system means choosing the future: