The structure of the building consists of continuous reinforced concrete foundations and two storeys made using beams, pillars and prefabricated slabs. The external infill panels were made using 40 cm thick GASBETON® ENERGY blocks and GASBETON® DRILLED and 40 cm thick CHANNEL for the creation of vertical and horizontal stiffeners in correspondence with large glass surfaces. Heat bridges have been externally insulated with 5 cm thick GASBETON® EVOLUTION tiles and additional heat insulator. The first layer of masonry was created by laying GASBETON® IDRO blocks on a bed of IDRO ANCHORING MORTAR, for a greater degree of protection from humidity.

Outside infill panels were internally clad with plaster panels and on the outside with 3 mm thick slabs fitted onto a suitable metal substructure anchored to floor slabs and to GASBETON® masonry with suitably supportive brackets.

Design fact sheet