“After supervising the construction site and living for a year in this house, I can say with great conviction that I am very satisfied because energy consumption is really low while comfort is unparalleled. Especially in summer, the temperature has always been pleasant in all rooms without any kind of cooling system.”
The owner Mr. Beschi

The building is on one storey, without basement, and has an exposed wooden roof that creates two large porches overlooking the outdoor pool. The external walls are made of 40 cm thick GASBETON® ENERGY blocks without additional thermal insulation. Externally, the walls were plastered with the complete Gasbeton cycle including a 1.5 cm thick MULTICEM base plaster, skim coated with 0.5 cm thick EXTERIOR MULTISKIM reinforced with glass-fibre mesh and finished with a silicate plaster finish. To obtain greater protection from infiltration or ascending moisture, the first row on the foundation beams was made with IDRO BLOCK laid with traditional gauged mortar spread on bituminous sheath. The lintels of the large window openings have been made using GASBETON® GROOVED BLOCKS and GASBETON® LINTELS.

Design fact sheet