“By using the Gasbeton construction system and insulation under the foundations with B/GLAS cellular glass granules, we have achieved important results in terms of environmental sustainability and living comfort, together with high standards of thermal insulation, seismicity and fire resistance. For more than a year, we have been living a priceless feeling of well-being in our home in both summer and winter”.
The owners Mr./Ms. Chizzoli and Malatesta

The building is built on a reinforced concrete slab insulated at the bottom with 50 cm of B/GLAS cellular glass gravel and has a reinforced concrete frame structure and wooden roof. The external walls have several layers, some of them with a single-layer wall made of 50 cm thick GASBETON® ENERGY blocks. Others have been designed with a 20 cm thick mineral thermal coat on 30 cm thick GASBETON® EVOLUTION masonry in order to achieve the very low transmittances (about 0.11 W/m2K) required by the voluntary Casaclima certification protocol. The building has been covered with 2 cm thick natural stone where the Gasbeton masonry did not have any other insulating materials on the outside. The remaining part is finished with coloured silicate-base plaster finish. Thanks to the competence of Engineer Monia Micaela Malatesta and Andrea Chizzoli, designer and builder as well as owners of “Casa Martina”, and the energy consultancy of Arch. Giuseppe Cabini, the building has obtained the prestigious CASACLIMA GOLD certification.

Project details sheet