“We went in search of unique elements that could create a real oasis of well-being. For this reason, in addition to finishing in natural materials, we chose to build the building in Gasbeton, an absolutely innovative material that can guarantee excellent thermal performance through all the seasons. Now we can heat our home only using a pellet stove.”
(residents’ statement)

The building structure consists of a reinforced concrete basement and two floors above ground with a load-bearing structure in reinforced concrete beams and pillars, a metal construction inter-storey floor slab and a sloping brick roof. The external infill panels are made of 40 cm thick GASBETON® ACTIVE blocks, subsequently skim coated with BONDSKIM, protected by breathable waterproof sheeting and then finished with horizontal wooden slats fixed to a substructure anchored to the masonry with specific GASBETON® dowels. The partitions were made with GASBETON® EVOLUTION blocks skim coated with BONDSKIM reinforced with glass-fibre mesh.

Design fact sheet