“We chose a house built with Gasbeton blocks after visiting other buildings built with this technology and asking for opinions from technicians in the sector, always receiving positive feedback. After living in this building for a whole year, we are convinced that we made the right choice, as comfort is optimal in all seasons. In winter, in fact, the temperatures are uniform throughout the house and in summer, both the temperature and moisture are good without the use of air conditioners either during the day or night”.
The owners Mr./Ms. Olivieri

The two-storey above-ground building has a reinforced concrete slab foundation, an elevated structure with beams and pillars also made of reinforced concrete, inter-storey brick floors and a sloping wooden roof. The internal walls were made with different thickness GASBETON® EVOLUTION blocks, while for the external walls the company used 50 cm thick GASBETON® ENERGY blocks rotated 90° so that the wall was 60 cm thick. This arrangement, made possible by the isotropy of the material, made it possible to achieve a transmittance of 0.13 W/m2K. Thanks to the performance of the shell and the plant engineering, this building has obtained prestigious Casaclima Class “A” certification.

Design fact sheet